Sightseeing: Discover Mauritius

There are many opportunities for you to learn more about Mauritius. For example, there are several museums, including the Post Office museum with its famous postage stamps and the museum of natural history, as well as the historical sites and buildings which tell the history of the island, its inhabitation, population, development and culture.

Port Louis

When you set off to visit the capital Port Louis, it’s like beginning a voyage of discovery into the cultures of India, Africa, China and Europe. Port Louis in particular is like a cosmos of world cultures and religions. The zeal of the people in the streets and markets is an experience that really should not to be missed.

We will be happy to show you around there!

There are many exciting things to do and many interesting places to visit

The Indian Ocean

A trip by catamaran, for example to one of the offshore protected islands (Ile Gabriel, Ile Plate) must surely be one of the highlights of a holiday on Mauritius, where “relaxation and experience” are the orders of the day.

Swimming, snorkelling, diving, sailing and fishing are at the top of the list of popular activities. All of them are easy to arrange, whereby you can of course swim in the hotel pool right outside the front door, or in the Indian Ocean, which is only half a kilometre away as the crow flies.

Snorkelling near the coral reef is like a walk through an aquarium, a wonderfully exciting and interesting experience which can be arranged simply and at a reasonable price at one of the various centres.
You can also go snorkelling at the beach: if you want to discover something new, you don’t necessarily need to have someone take you to the coral reefs.

If you want to investigate the Indian Ocean further, you can learn to scuba dive and go on guided underwater tours. The more experienced diver can of course discover this magical underwater world alone.

The Botanical Garden in Pamplemousses

The “Pamplemousses Botanical Garden” dates back to 1770, covers an area of 37 ha (over 90 acres) and is one of the most famous botanical gardens in the world. No visit to Mauritius is complete without seeing this garden: it’s an absolute must!

The “Sugar Museum” near the Botanical Garden does not just show us the path from sugar cane cultivation to the production of crystallised sugar, but is also an interesting and moving journey through the history of Mauritius, its discovery, its inhabitation, its commerce, and that everything is connected by fate to it.


Those who like to go to the mountains and want to acquaint themselves with the pure natural world they will find there, will not come across very many tourists at all, then exploring the mountains and canyons, which lie more to the centre and south of Mauritius, is not something that attracts large crowds. You experience a less familiar side of Mauritius, which also has a lot to offer. Excursions into the mountains should only be made under expert guidance.

No matter how many times you see the various landscapes with their beautiful squares and viewpoints, they are always fascinating and wonderful!