Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Guest House Villa Kreola
Grand Gaube, 30617

1. Rental Agreement

1.1 The rental agreement is binding in accordance with the description, i.e. the content of the rental agreement is determined by the details of the current website and the written confirmation. This also applies to bookings made over the telephone. The rental agreement will be concluded upon receipt of the booking confirmation by the person making the reservation.

1.2 Additional agreements which do not correspond with the content of these conditions or service descriptions require the express written approval of the landlord.

1.3 Guests may check-in at any time from 12.00 noon on the scheduled day of arrival and we kindly ask all guests to vacate their rooms by 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure.

2. Payment

2.1 A payment of 30% of the total reservation price is payable upon receipt by the landlord of the written booking confirmation. If this amount is not received by the landlord within 10 days, and payment has still not been made after being requested to do so by a given date, the landlord will be entitled to cancel the agreement and the booking without notice. The landlord may charge a fee for this. The landlord will not be liable for any bank charges incurred for transferring payments made by the guest. The amount payable will be the amount as shown on the invoice.

The balance will be payable 10 days before the scheduled date of arrival.

Where bookings are made less than 10 days before the scheduled date of arrival, the full amount of the total reservation price must be paid immediately upon receipt of the booking confirmation. Cancellation fees or rebooking fees will be due immediately.

3. Confirmation of Booking

If the booking confirmation has not been received by the person making the reservation or by the guest at the latest 7 days before the scheduled date of arrival, the aforesaid person must contact the landlord without delay. The booking confirmation must be shown to the holder of the room key upon arrival.

4. Changes

4.1 If changes are made by the guest, e.g. with regard to the scheduled date of arrival or the room to be occupied, with which the landlord can comply, then the price payable for the newly requested room and stay dates will correspond with the prices shown on the website for that particular season. The landlord may charge a rebooking fee.

4.2 The landlord will instruct the guest of any amendments to services provided and, unless the changes are minor, offer the guest free cancellation within 10 days. The right of the guest to cancel will remain unaffected.

4.3 At any time prior to the scheduled date of arrival the guest can, after informing the landlord, arrange to be replaced by another suitable person. An increase in the number of persons per room is only possible insofar as the type of room and its facilities permit, the guest may then be required to pay a higher price for the room. This requires the express agreement of the landlord.

5. Cancellation by the Guest

5.1 It is in the own interests of the guest to cancel their reservation in writing, enclosing the booking confirmation. The receipt of the cancellation notice by the landlord will determine the time of cancellation and the level of cancellation fee. In this case flat-rate cancellation fees will be charged:

Cancellation up to 41days prior to the scheduled date of arrival: 20 % of the total reservation price

Cancellation up to 31days prior to the scheduled date of arrival: 30 % of the total reservation price

Cancellation up to 21 days prior to the scheduled date of arrival: 50 % of the total reservation price

Cancellation from the 8th day prior to the scheduled date of arrival: 80 % of the total reservation price

Cancellation from the 2nd day prior to the scheduled date of arrival: 100 % of the total reservation price

5.2 The flat-rate cancellation fees allow for standard cost savings and possible other use of the room. The guest will remain at liberty to prove that no or minimal costs were incurred as a result of the cancellation.

5.3 If the journey cannot be taken as a result of third parties, the landlord may offer to rearrange the reservation.

6. Cancellation by the Landlord

6.1 If due to unforeseen circumstances the room becomes uninhabitable, or letting the room becomes considerably impeded, endangered or compromised due to circumstances beyond their control (force majeure e.g. natural catastrophes or epidemics), then both the landlord and the guest may terminate the agreement. Any payments will be refunded in full immediately upon cancellation of the booking. Our liability will not extend beyond these conditions.

6.2 If these circumstances occur after the contract has become binding, the booking may equally be cancelled by both parties.

6.3 The landlord may cancel the agreement without further notice if the guest, in spite of warnings, persistently disturbs other guests on the property or endangers others with their behaviour or otherwise behaves contrary to the terms of the agreement. If the landlord cancels the agreement in accordance with 6.3 the total reservation price will be payable.

6.4 Where the agreement is cancelled for the aforesaid reasons, the guest will be liable for the payment of additional costs for their return transport.

7. Liability of the Landlord

The Landlord is liable in the framework of due diligence:

7.1 for the correctness of the service description

7.2 for the proper provision of the contractually agreed reservation. Liability for occasional breakdowns or disorders in the water or electricity supply is excluded.

7.3 The liability of the landlord for damages, which are not bodily injuries, will be limited to three times the proportion of the total reservation price paid by the aggrieved party, insofar as the damages were neither caused by the guest intentionally nor as a result of gross negligence, or where the landlord is responsible for damage caused to the guest solely due to the fault of a party appointed by the landlord.

7.4 The landlord will not be liable for theft or loss suffered during or subsequent to a stay.

7.5 The landlord will not be liable for faulty or non-functioning technical equipment, insofar as this was unknown to them or not made known to them. The landlord must ensure that such equipment is replaced as soon as possible after becoming aware of such defects.

7.6 The landlord will not be liable for inconveniences and annoyances that are beyond their responsibility or caused by third parties.

8. Obligation to co-operate, Warranty, Exclusion of Claims, Limitations

8.1 In the event of any disruption to services you are legally bound to take reasonable measures to rectify the problem or to minimise or prevent any possible damage which may occur as a result of the disruption.

8.2 You are therefore specifically obliged to register any complaint with us immediately. If you do not comply with this obligation, you will not be entitled to make a claim in this respect. You will not be culpable of non-compliance if, for example, it proves unreasonable to report faults or make requests for assistance, if it is impossible to do so, or where the notification of faults or requests for assistance are not culpably omitted. Contact the landlord immediately for assistance so that appropriate measures may be taken to review the complaint and where appropriate rectify the disruption to services or provide a replacement.

8.3 Any claims against the landlord with respect to non-provision of contracted services may be made by the guest within one month after expiration of the agreed rental period.

9. Liability of the guest

9.1 The number of people occupying the room must not exceed the number of persons for which the booking was made. The landlord reserves the right to refuse admission to additional persons. The guests will treat the guest house as well as its furniture and fittings with care and will inform the landlord immediately of any damages. The latter may demand compensation. This also applies to damages caused by the guest which are discovered after their departure.

9.2 The house is fitted with an alarm system. The alarm system will be activated by the landlord. The alarm can be switched off and on by the guest in each separate room. The guest will therefore also be given a key for the alarm system in addition to their room keys. If in the event of a burglary it is found that the guest had not turned on the alarm system, they will be personally responsible for the damages suffered by them and the damages to the room. The guest will also be liable for the loss of the key for the alarm system and the resulting additional costs incurred.

10. Non-Assignment Clause

The assignment of claims against the landlord to third parties, including spouse and relatives is excluded. Similarly, the judicial enforcement of guest’s claims by third parties in their name is invalid.

11. Other Provisions and Notices

The invalidity of individual provisions in the rental conditions does not result in the invalidity of the entire contract.

Conflict Between English Text And Other Language Text: If there is any conflict or discrepancy between the English text of these Terms and Conditions and any translation thereof into any other language, the GERMAN text shall prevail.

Any disputes arising hereunder will be settled before a competent Mauritian court of law.